Creativity in Action and Dance movement Therapy


Asmakam, 22 Sunshine Farms, A.B. Road, Indore (M.P.)

Great to have Shankar Hemaddy at Asmakam on 19th and 20th October. Asmakam is reaching out to school/colleges and organizations to host a session with Shankar on "Exploring Possibilities and creativity in action" It can be combined with dance movement therapy as well.  See below to know more about Shanakar-  

Shankar Hemmady facilitates workshops on Transformative Leadership, Creative Careers,  Dance Movement Therapy at various spaces  including IIT Bombay, MICA Ahmedabad, TISS Bombay, UC Santa Cruz, and in several tribal villages on India. Shankar holds a B.Tech in Electronics from IIT, Bombay, and M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Iowa. He studied the Neuroscience of Compassion and Happiness at Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley.  

Shankar lives in San Francisco, California, as well as in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Open for all ages - Workshop is based on gift economy. Participants are welcome to contribute any amount they want. 

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), encourages students to experiment with new ways of being. Movement provides a manner or channel in which students can consciously understand intra- and inter-relationships via non-verbal communication with each other.

Through the unity of the body, mind and spirit, DMT provides a sense of wholeness to all individuals. The body refers to the "discharging of energy through muscular-skeletal responses to stimuli received by the brain." The mind refers to "mental activities...such as memory, imagery, perception, attention, evaluation, reasoning and decision making." The spirit refers to the "subjectively experienced state of feeling in engaging in or empathically observing dancing."

Dance movement therapy works to improve social skills, as well as relational dynamics among the students that choose to participate in it to better improve their quality of life. Through this form of interaction, students will gain a deeper sense of self-awareness through a meditative process that involves movement, motion, and realization of one's body. DMT allows creative expression and boosts musical, kinesthetic and emotional intelligence over time.

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