Our Vision


Asmakam–Self Led Open Learning Space, is a unique platform to explore self learning and cultivate creativity. “Asmakam” is a sanskrit word meaning “Ours” or “For Us”. It it is a place to explore “Ourselves”. 

As Mark Twain rightly said "​ I've never let my school interfere with my education"​, our vision is to provide a self learning environment to help building real life skills and integrated learning aspects for sustainable living beyond the boundary walls of formal schooling. Everyone is creative by nature and this creativity needs an instruction free environment to blossom.

Despite the critical role creativity and innovation plays in our society, many of our educational and workplace systems emphasize memorization, rigid adherence to process, and the concept of the “1 right answer.” While goal of real education should be giving more opportunities for self learning, there is little time devoted towards developing people’s ability to explore, imagine, and create in conventional schooling systems which is negatively affecting our entire life. 

Asmakam's natural self learning environment and engaging hands-on learning adventures are built on a philosophy that people benefit from the ability to think creatively and collectively with an out of the box learning setup by various activities and interactive sessions to inculcate life skills, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking skills. communication and interpersonal skills. 

Parents who are looking for homeschooling/unschooling their kids can come and become a part of self learning atmosphere Asmakam offers. We are set up in a beautiful natural landscape and conveniently located in the middle of the city in Indore, M.P. 

We look forward to connect, collaborate and create. 



1. Connect

Every one is born with some unique talent and is here to explore his real self. The real education should provide an environment where we get time, space and trust to explore ourselves without external force or conditioning. Learning is life long and self exploration happens when you start learning by the "World" and not the "Word". We have been conditioned by the society and always try to see things around us with 2nd or 3rd hand knowledge. 

Asmakam helps connect people with ideas through interactive experiences that sharpen people’s abilities to think creatively, critically analyze their own ideas, and solve real problems. We are here to support you in self learning and unlearning/unconditioning.

Asmakam inspires self learning through hands-on, inquiry-based activities focused on life skills that promote deep conceptual understanding by doing, making, and experiencing. Asmakam promotes divergent thinking by helping visitors explore the world around them through a wide array of lenses that helps people to see beyond what exists and begin to imagine what may be possible.

2.  Collaborate

Aryabhatt, Galileo, Thomas Edison. Henry Ford. Albert Einstein. Ravindra Nath Tagore, Gandhiji, Mark Twain, Leonardo Da Vinci, Newton, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and so on - Our world has been shaped by innovative, inventive, passionate people. Visionaries who are able to look beyond what exists and see what’s possible. People who, through their ideas, have changed the way we interact with each other and the world around us. 

Asmakam believes in collaboration and not in competition. We collaborate with many other such initiatives and spaces who are working towards sustainable life style, going back to roots and harnessing life skills.   

3.  Create

At the end of the day, our work today prepares people to be the innovative, inventive, passionate visionaries of tomorrow. We have created a space which will inspire people to think differently and change their life style. Asmakam's creative team is looking for new creative adventures everyday. If you are a creative mind with some mind blowing crazy ideas in your head and looking for a platform to share with like minded crazy people, Asmakam is the place to go.


Lets  Connect | Collaborate | Create.


Our Team